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Plus, it comes with the same security and flexibility you trust from Pay Pal.

By simply logging into Pay, you can keep track of all your Pay Pal and Pay Pal Credit transactions at any time.

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Plus, we will email you when your monthly statement is ready so you can stay on top of your payments.

If you don't have a Pay Pal account, it's easy to sign up at Pay

The first time you're late, the amount of the late fee will be the same amount as the missed payment, up to $25.

If you're late again, the late fee will be up to $35. Pay Pal Credit provides "zero fraud liability" protection, the same protection provided by most major credit cards.

For your convenience, once you link your Pay Pal Credit and Pay Pal accounts, you can keep track of your purchases and make payments on Pay

Pay your balance due from either your Pay Pal balance or your bank account.

Minimum purchase required is before shipping and tax.

Offers not valid on previous purchases, returns or exchanges.

If you make a purchase that would cause your outstanding balance to go above your credit line, we will review your credit history and history with Pay Pal Credit to instantly determine whether to increase your credit line.

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