Resume updating tips

Civilian resumes need to carve away unnecessary filler and only provide relevant information. Many older professional resumes include pages of detailed job descriptions.

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Most people prefer not to list their actual street address.

If you haven’t updated your resume for a few years, it probably needs pruning.

Today’s resumes are leaner and meaner than their old counterparts.

They need careful formatting to get past prescreening software while remaining readable for real people. If you’re looking for work in today’s market, you’ll be submitting applications and resumes electronically.

As an added benefit, choosing a mix of keywords for your resume increases the chance prospective employers will find your resume in job bank searches.

Michael is a full-time blogger who has passions in all corners of the online world.Length is a significant problem for veterans converting a military resume for civilian use.The military resume reads as a complete history of the serviceperson’s career.If you’re back in the job market after years of employment, your resume probably needs a facelift.Your job experience may be extraordinary, but presenting it in out-of-date formats gives prospective employers the impression you’re behind the times.Today’s resumes replace objectives with a bulleted list of key skills and accomplishments.

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